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It’s a Brave New World that we live in filled with mystery and strange phenomena.

Science and technology try to dominate our lives one way or another whether via the internet, cyber implants, household robots or new galaxies to explore.

We are in somewhat of a ‘cyber-age’ but the earth with it’s secrets and the goings on of the paranormal still give the other side (the cyberpunks, hackers, techno cultured, and scientists) a good run for their money as the very ‘normal’ world we live in is as bizarre, mysterious and unexplainable as you can get. With phenomenal weather forces, earth’s own powers and fields, odd nature and Human kind’s hidden depths (not to even mention the miracle of spirituality), we get a glimpse of this crazy life.

Sadly though, humans seem to like to tell a good story. Myths, legends and pure speculation will always hinder the more phenomenal truth (ironically).

Fuchsia Shockz aims to pick and choose the best articles and news on all the mentioned topics of science, nature, technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, spirituality, and the cyberpunk genre and sci-fi and just document this life we live.

May you find what you are looking for, if not here, then in life.

Fuchsia Shockz