Cyberpunk "Sci-Fi in a leather jacket.."

“A thin layer of techno wannabe hacker geeks hides an underground movement of competent cyber-freedom visionaries.”

Cyberpunk articles and essays. Cyber-age philosophy, dark technology and ethics. Information on the Cyberpunk genre and style, sci-fi, hackers and real life developments in sci-tech.

Fans are in no doubt what cyberpunk is, but ask them and they can’t tell you!

I see cyberpunk as being the ‘dark’ underground (cool) side of technology – a world away from the geeks and techie/trekkie nerds.

Cyberpunk is a feel. Its visionary and longs for a rich technological future of cyberspace and the merging of communication and information across the world.

It has an anarchistic feel to it with the hacking side of things but more than that longs for freedom of information.

Largely driven by sci-fi writers esp. William Gibson, CP can be found in films such as Bladerunner, Ghost in the Shell, Johnny Mnemonic, The Matrix, Lawnmower Man and so on…

Also under this heading, I’ve included the subject of cyborgs, implanting etc and topics including the science and philosophy on transferring consciousness to artifical creations.