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Natural phenomena articles and news. Accounts of weird nature, the mysterious phenomena of the earth. Documents of unusual animals (Cryptozoology), oddities and legends. Bizarre weather events and freaks of nature.

Strange rains, ball lightning, human combustion – there are many strange but natural events happening all the time.

I like to call them ‘Freaks In Nature’.

Now I don’t want to get into anything UFO’s related or anything people call ‘paranormal’ events, but who can ignore events such as large rainfalls of fishes and frogs lasting 3 days?

Many of these events are relatively easy to explain but remain weird still. There may not be a bigfoot but new species are discovered (and lost) all the time. There are some real X-Files cases out there.

Added to all this is plant life which can be even more incredible! Plants species are amazingly diverse and can be found in the most inhospitable places surviving quite happily where cutting edge human technology can only just reach.

Ironically, we barely even notice this fantastical life even though we are surrounded by much of it everyday! (oh and of course there are the Triffids too!)