Marvel Spider-Man 2099 The Future of Spider-Man

The 2099 series was set in a world without Superheroes. Some years ago there was a great war which wiped out all the heroes and villains and put an end to the ‘Heroic Age’. Spidey 2099 made it to issue #46 with a few annuals too. Other titles include – Doom 2099, Venom 2099, Fantastic Four 2099, Hulk 2099, Ravage 2099, Ghost Rider 2099.

Spider-Man 2099

“Miguel O’Hara works for Alchemax in their genetic research department. He has had success altering animal DNA. He is a confident and cocky genius, and he doesn’t get along with either his immediate supervisor Aaron Delgato or Alchemax head Tyler Stone. Despite Miguel’s protest, they try his new genetic recombinator on a convicted felon named Sims, who dies after changing into a super-strong monster. In order to keep his number one genius under his thumb, Tyler slips Miguel a drink laced with Rapture (or so he is led to believe at this time), an incurably addictive drug. In his pain and anger of fighting the effects of the Rapture, he inadvertently gives his girlfriend Dana D’Angelo a black eye. Realizing he cannot go on like this, he goes back to Alchemax to alter his DNA back to the pre-Rapture Miguel O’Hara. Aaron Delgato, trying to get back at his Alchemax nemesis, pumps the energy levels to their maximum and accidentally interjects the DNA file of the Spider-Man from the former Heroic Age. Their is a huge explosion destroying the lab, but Miguel still lives, although not completely human.”Spider-Man 2099-2