Eldar Scrolls: Oblivion - Blog My own insight into the game

I think I’ve had Oblivion for a couple of weeks now. I’ve advanced pretty far I think.

My Character

I’ve been following a career as a thief and just because head of the thieves guild complete with Gray Fox’s hood which is a great little magical item except every time you forget to take it off in public, all the guards demand you surrender and you end up running for your life into the middle of nowhere!

Last night I also was offered a position in the Dark Brotherhood – the guild of assassins.  I don’t like them much and joined to make things interesting to see if I can bring the guild down!


The most interesting part of the game so far has to be my quest to become a vampire.

This came after hearing some rumours of a Count who doesn’t go out much. This lead me to a secret basement to rescue a contact. In that basement I learnt that there was some distinctly vampiric funny business going on – sacrifices, bottles of human blood etc.

After some side tracking I decided it might boost my character, so I went to the Count’s bedroom in Skingrad and annoyed him until he attacked me and I contracted the ‘disease’. (Spot any vampires by looking for red eyes!)

Tips on being a Vampire

  • Stay away from fire – you’ll now have a low resistance to fire
  • Feed every 24hrs to allow you to be out in daylight
  • Feeding regularly will also allow you to continue to gain Vampire boosts
  • If you don’t feed often, apart from taking heavy damage in sunlight, you’ll freak people out and they won’t talk to you
  • As vampire you’ll often get weird dreams – ignore them! Don’t let them put you off being so cool!
  • There IS a cure for Vampirism, a bit of a challenging quest but talk to the Count in the Castle in Skingrad