Online Comics Some of the best online comics to keep you entertained on the net

These are some of the free online comics I’ve found on the net. Some professional, some famous, some not so good looking but full of talent.


Marvel Comics

Well this had to be first didn’t it? Check out these ‘flash’ version comics of X-MEN, SPIDERMAN and FANTASTIC FOUR.


A complex story centred in a character named Assassin. His final mission is unknown -at least at this moment for all of you, suscriptors- and it will be clearer and clearer with every release. Michael, his colleague, will assist and guide him in the dirty work of targets elimination. But, who are these targets already? One thing is for sure. Most of them don’t know who they really are and what’s their secret purpose in the scheme of things. Chaos and Order commanding the world designs… and Assassin fighting for one of the sides. Question is which one? Find it out…

Games of God

Science fiction online comic that combines both manga and western art to portray a universe of intrigue, betrayal and outright rebelion.


To Largo and Piro, gaming isn’t a hobby, it’s a mission from God. Updated every Mon, Wed and Fri.

Time Disorder

This site houses the two free online comics: 3rd Wish and Your Half.

3rd Wish: This story begins with a young man named Gibson Burroughs who was given the power to grant three wishes. His first was for Dahlia, a shape-changing girl he has complete control over. His second was for immortality and invincibility for both of them. As far as his 3rdWish is concerned, he didn’t then, doesn’t now, and probably never will know what to use it for. It’s here our story begins: where these two go, off across the country and cross time, searching for what to use the final wish for, even though they have no idea what that could possibly be… and probably never will.

Your Half: Set in present day suburbia with an appropriately casual cast, this comedy ties together romance and technology the way it was destined to be. Melissa “Liss” Ogilvie was offered by her romantic interest, Kurt, to be his partner in his plans for violent global domination. Instead of accepting the generous, yet psychotic offer, she took the hard suit Kurt designed for her, promised to ruin all his efforts, and abandoned him. The series concentrates on the battle between Liss and Kurt, as well as the complications they experience in their dealings with personal relationships and love.

U.T.O Police

Frank and Jane are law enforcement agents for a city inside a starship. Updated every month.


Argon Zark!

Argon Zark! is an all-digital “virtual comic book” created entirely on the computer and designed to be viewed over the Internet.

It is a free humor/adventure comic story about a slightly eccentric computer genius (read: geek), his companions and some unusual, uh… aquaintences.

Sluggy Freelance

A daily comic strip covering all things that spring to mind. Funny, intelligent and reflective of geek life.


Atomium Dangernauts: A full-length science-fiction comic book serial presented online, with a new page posted each Monday. This comic is an affectionate look at the TV spacemen of yesteryear…and the actors who played them!

Crazy Clipart Theatre: A comic strip featuring bizarre and dangerous abuses of common clipart. Think David Lynch meets a PTA newsletter and you’ll get the picture.

X-Zone: This strip is kind of like Gary Larson meets the X-Files. A single panel of paranormal madness updated whenever I feel like it!


A unique, well drawn comic. Clownsquad is about a world where clowns aren’t people dressed up, they are a genetic mutation.

Robot Stories

Robot Stories is a metaphorical comedy. Everywhere you look, there are people playing the roles of a pre-programmed robot, most evident in the jobs of corporate retail slaves, but also evident in the lives of customers, teenagers, and almost any walk of life you can imagine. We live within our roles that society forces on us… only a few of us can see the truth and break free from its hold. Robot Stories is a satirical examination of these roles.


A Directory of Online Comics.

Broken Saints

Hats off to the once small-time web comic that has hit the mainstream with a dvd release and live-action movie to follow courtesy of Dark Horse I hear:
“Launched online in January 2001 to resounding critical acclaim (seen by 3 million people worldwide) the Sundance Award-wining animated graphic novel saga is a revolution in storytelling. Fusing anime style, comic book text, cinematic effects and music, this fantasy horror epic follows four strangers as they receive a series of chilling apocalyptic visions. Simultaneously drawn to a dark city in the West, their fates (and indeed the fate of the world) are somehow tied to a global satellite network, a massive conspiracy and a mysterious orphan girl with a terrifying secret. What will they give to save us all?”