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Mad Deer Disease May Spread With Saliva

Scientists uncover the key to how chronic wasting disease spreads.

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Deadly Spider Settles in Mississippi

The Brown Widow has invaded the state, infesting buildings and grounds.

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GPS Deployed in War Against Bird Flu

Solar-powered GPS devices track migrating birds to help stop bird flu in its tracks.

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Dino-Era “Sea Monster” Found on Arctic Island

An ancient graveyard of large, predatory sea reptiles has been found by fossil hunters, including the remains of an estimated 33-foot-long (10-meter-long) beast dubbed “the Monster.”

Arctic sea monster images >>

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2006 Ig Nobels Reward Research in Hiccups, Poop, and Bad Writing

The eating habits of dung beetles, the attraction of mosquitoes to Limburger cheese, and “digital rectal massage” were among the research awarded at this year’s Ig Nobels.

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Pets Gaining Recognition in Places of Worship

“Bark Mitzvahs,” pet chaplains, and kitty funerals are all part of a growing recognition by churches and synagogues of the bonds people have with their animals.

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